Our Services

Machine Power and Controls

Eastern Current Electric provides the design, build, and installation of power and control systems for automated and logically controlled machines. Eastern Current Electric has the knowledge and ability to design and install electrical and electronic control panels that are fully integrated with touch screen HMIs, limit switches, proximity switches, pressure transducers, linear and rotary encoders, heating element control, and variable motor control.

Eastern Current Electric is known for their quality and efficiency in building custom control panels for all applications, and providing the adequate solutions for any and all requirements you may have. Custom designs include all stages of fabrication from panel board and component mounting and wiring, as well as, full integration, field wiring, and testing of the machine.

Easten Current Electric has designed and/or built custom power and control panels for:

  • Chemical Compound Extruders
  • Automated Oven/ Heater Controls
  • Heating and Cooling Energy Management Systems
  • Pharmaceutical Dispensing & Testing Applications
  • Medical Personnel Paging Systems
  • Automated Canning Machines
  • Commercial/ Residential Automated Gates

Automated Handling Equipment

Eastern Current Electric provides full integration, testing, and troubleshooting capabilities for a variety of automated material handling applications for modern day logistical and material handling companies. These applications include:

  • Loading Dock Levelers: Creates an even platform for fork lifts to safely enter a truck.
  • Loading Dock Vehicle Restraints: Latches the rear bumper of the vehicle to hold it into place during loading and unloading.
  • Mechanical and Hydraulic Vertical Lifts: Vertical man, supplies, equipment, and merchandise lifts.
  • High Speed Power Doors: Motion sensor controlled, high speed roll-up and vertical doors.
  • Cold Storage High Speed Doors: Thermally sealed high power doors for freezer applications.

Building Maintenance Solutions

Eastern Current Electric provides a variety of Corporate and Private Office Building Maintenance Solutions including:

  • Power Metering for Building & Suites
  • Custom Lighting Design
  • Custom Electrical "Fit Outs" per Suite